Reality: Truth, Words and Love

The mélange of poetry shared here develops internal connections respecting the elements of its title and the lifelong sensibilities of the author. The title of the collection revolves around how we as modern persons realize Reality as a function of Truth as revealed through the innuendo of Words and the existentialism of Love: Reality – Truth – Words – Love. These elements are manifest in the most mundane and commonplace facts and phenomena through to the most arcane and erudite ideas and emotions. We usually separate erudite and mundane on the one hand, and facts and emotions on the other. But here is an effort to mix the two extremes with each other and the in-between. Not included in the title is something embedded – some might say “implicit” – in the four words just discussed: Time. That is, Reality, Truth, Words and Love all require (or in some way depend on) Time for their respective intensions and extensions (as Ludwig Wittgenstein might say). Time is an element of Reality and that fact is literally in the many of the poems shared here. The reader should be sensitive both to the unspoken allusions to Time, as well as to the spoken ones (e.g., “moments,” “first,” etc.). Juxtaposing these elements and the circumstances of their manifestations hopefully provides a new perspective on the Life that is the Reality for us in the 21st Century.